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In-mould Label

Lichang IML films are produced by five-layer co-extrusion. Each layer is combined firmly without delamination. 

The label perfectly integrated with the injection mold which is not possible to be departed or peeled off. It can be fully recycled without any use of adhesive glue. Lichang IML appearance includs high gloss allowing graphic shine and orange peel. Yogurt and butter containers, cookie jar as well as paint bucket and so on, are all candidates for this versatile labeling solution.

Main characteristics:

- Remove the need for adhesive glue and backing materials

- Integrates with bottles for 100% recyclability, improves productivity

- Outstanding print clarity and fidelity

- Extraordinary dimensional stability, resists curl and edge welding

- High moisture, chemicals  oil, and scratching resistance

- Anti-static, easy to be integrated with mold

- White pearlescent appearance

- Excellent die-cutting

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