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Pressure Sensitive

Lichang Synthetic Paper is the perfect face stock for Pressure Sensitive Label 

It is designed to exceed the requirements of the most demanding tag and label application. Special talent of Lichang Pressure Sensitive face stock includes compatibility with almost any container material, shape or product type. Lichang is the exceptional solution for pharmaceutical labeling and tags, wine and beverage labeling, etc. 

Note: Lichang offers face stock only, a pressure sensitive adhesive and release paper must be added.


Main Characteristics: 

- Exceptional print run capabilities 

- Highly durable for shelf presence

- High mechanical strength, good dimensional stability

- Glue Lamination-friendly

- Glossy/Matt pearlescent appearance

- Excellent die-cutting

  • SP-PY
    • SP-PG-48
    • SP-PG-68
    • SP-PG-88
    • SP-PG-108
    • SP-PG-138
    • SP-PG-168
    • SP-PG-238
  • SP-PG
    • SP-PG-48
    • SP-PG-68
  • SP-PB
    • SP-PB-38
    • SP-PB-48
  • SP-MY
    • SP-MY-60

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