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Wrap-around Label

Licang Synthetic Paper has been applied as labels by many world famous beverages and mineral water company.

Lichang Synthetic Paper for Wrap-around Label is available in glossy, and matt appearance. It offers a variety of options from one side glossy allowing your design to shine, to one side glossy with back side matt delivering the ability of back side printing. Meanwhile, the great stiffness increases efficiency for printer and end user.

Main Characteristics:

-Superior print receptive layer

-Suitable for flexographic, gravure printing

-High gloss surface

-Static resistant

-Moisture, chemicals oil and water resistance

-High mechanical strength, good dimensional stability

-Excellent stiffness, whiteness and opacity

-Good printability and durability

  • SP-MB
    • SP-MB-65
    • SP-MB-48
  • SP-PN
    • SP-PN-140
    • SP-PN-110
    • SP-PN-100
    • SP-PN-85
    • SP-PN-65
  • SP-PL
    • SP-PL-24
    • SP-PL-38

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