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Advertising Substrate

Choosing Lichang Synthetic Paper for your printing substrate makes your product shine.

Lichang Synthetic Paper combines the strength of plastic with the extraordinary printing quality of paper. Choosing Lichang synthetic paper as printing substrate giving a high brightness, high opacity and a high dyne level ensures a high color resolution with superb print definition. It is perfect for a broad range of applications, from indoor banner and posters, to photographic paper and Maps, books and menu and so much more. 



Main characteristics:

-100% Tree Free and Recyclable


-Excellent grease, chemical and oil resistance

-Strong tear resistance

-Great printability and durability

-High opacity

-Glossy/Matt pearlescent appearance

-Economically priced against leading competitors

  • SP-PN
    • SP-PN-120
    • SP-PN-100
    • SP-PN-75
  • SP-MN
    • SP-MN-250
    • SP-MN-170
    • SP-MN-140
    • SP-MN-120
    • SP-MN-110
    • SP-MN-85
    • SP-MN-75
  • SP-MG
    • SP-MG-300
    • SP-MG-140
    • SP-MG-170
    • SP-MG-120

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