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Lichang Synthetic Paper FAQs:

How does Lichang Synthetic Paper print?

Lichang Synthetic Paper can be printed by flexography, UV offset , gravure, screen process. It can be printed by ink jet process when coated. For best practices, please contact us either by email or telephone.


Does Lichang require any special inks?

Generally, standard paper inks work well due to the matte finish and print receptive coatings.


Is Lichang Synthetic paper packed in both sheet and roll form?

Lichang has only roll form available at this time. 

Is Lichang Synthetic Paper environmentally safe?

Absolutely. Lichang is a future oriented synthetic paper supplier. Environmental concerns are extremely important to us. 

How does Lichang pricing compare with other brands?

Lichang, headquartered in Fujian China, the price would be very competitive. Meanwhile, the quality of Lichang Synthetic Paper always outperforms peers in industry.

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