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Lichang Plastic -- The Leader of Synthetic Paper Industry in China

Quanzhou Lichang Plastic Co., Ltd. headquarted in Fujian province, with coverage of 100,000㎡, is the leader in the manufacturing of synthetic paper in China. It introduces two 8.2m in breadth BOPP production line, one from French DMT Company and another from Germany Bruckner Group. The annual manufacturing capacity reaches 60000tons.

Lichang produces and organizes production based on ASTM standard. Since its inception, Lichang has become the perfect solution for a variety of printing, packaging and labeling needs. It has been the largest partner in printing industry in China for 14years and the market share keeps increasing.

Lichang offers the comprehensive product portfolio with different density from 0.6g/m³ to 1.0g/m³, and the thickness varies from 20um to 320um. They are cut into widths from 3200mm to 540mm which can be customized and fitted for your very distinct needs. With its aim of constant innovation and being dependable, outstanding and sustainable, Lichang is committed to providing meticulous after-sale service and being responsible for product quality.

Environment Statements

Lichang is a future oriented synthetic paper supplier. It uses polypropylene as main production material which is non-toxic. Also its products comply with ISO9001. Lichang Synthetic Paper is 100% recyclable, tree free, pollution-free which places a premium on respect for the environment. It can be cleaned, recycled and reprocessed into products for many different new applications. Meanwhile, Lichang devotes to innovation in order to reduce environmental footprint and preserve the world’s ecosystems for the future generations.

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